The rough-in for a understairs toilet involves three different kinds

But perhaps the most interesting element is the countertop, which extends behind the toilet to make a shelf-like structure. The configuration of these pipes depends on the location of the toilet relative to pre-existing plumbing and the construction of the house. You can also opt for a back to wall toilet with concealed cistern. The rough-in for a understairs toilet involves three different kinds of pipes. Although this tub touches the toilet and vanity, it doesn’t look overly cluttered, thanks to a minimalist design that incorporates only three colors (white, black, and brown). In this compact bathroom, the toilet and sink are built into a bead board counter, which extends to the next wall. If you’re connecting a new toilet to an existing stack, you only need to install the waste and supply lines. The wooden ledges are perfect for stashing toilet paper, extra hand towels, cotton balls, and decor pieces. Place the drain for the toilet at a location in the bathroom that will provide enough clearance for the toilet when it is installed; 12 inches from the back wall is suitable for most toilets. Optimise Design finished the room with a white wall-mounted toilet and glass shelf, which don’t visually compete with the statement-making tiles. Vent pipes must either slope upward away from the toilet or be horizontal. Choose an existing copper pipe that carries cold water near the toilet and shut off the water to that pipe. These homeowners channeled modernity with a wall-hung toilet and flush button, round vessel sink, floating vanity, and mirror with build-in LED lights. The width of the space should be at least 1 metre wide- this will allow just enough room for the toilet to be used comfortably. Toilet plumbing can be complex, especially when there are obstructions, and if you install the pipes incorrectly, your toilet won’t work properly. It should run from the tee to the wall behind the toilet and extend about 2 inches beyond the wall under the tank. Also, if you have a toilet you must also have a basin with hot and cold water. The smallest cloakrooms must still have at least 600mm-700mm between the door and edge of the toilet seat. The North-West part of the house deals with helpful people and luck from heaven, a toilet in this part will drain away all those from. Install a 4-inch vertical PVC pipe that extends from a point at least one foot above the toilet bowl to the sewer. The waste line, which may be 3- or 4-inch PVC pipe, ties into the sewer via a vertical waste stack and connects to the toilet by means of a closet flange.